TFT serial port lcd module is based on the front-end technology "configuration technology" of the current LCD industry. Users only need to use a serial port and can easily realize text, picture, audio and video, curve, QR code, instrument, animation, progress bar, data record and touch, etc. Functional control and data transmission by RS485, RS232 or simpler 51 single-chip UART interface.

It does not need to occupy a large amount of resources such as the controller interface and storage space like the old-fashioned display screen, and also improves the anti-interference ability of the product.

CGUS development software is independently developed by our company and compatible with this TFT LCD module series.It is mainly designed for customers to quickly develop products and touch screen human-computer interaction interface. It has simple development, flexibility, no operating system and fast running speed. Extremely reliable and stable, it is highly praised by customers.

  TFT serial LCD module is divided into C100 series, C200 series, C400 series, C500 series according to different functions.